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We know the costs that come from the COVID-19 pandemic are crippling to many communities and households across the country. Many homeless service providers will be forced to utilize crucial resources to keep up with the demand for their services, and those who are housing unstable or experiencing homelessness will increasingly lean on homeless service providers throughout this national crisis. In response, Texas Homeless Network has created an emergency relief fund.

Join us today as we raise emergency funds for homeless service providers in the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care (TX BoS CoC). The funds raised will provide the crucial and necessary support to community organizations serving those experiencing homelessness across Texas. The goal of this fundraising drive is to keep these organizations running at full capacity during the COVID-19 crisis.

Texas Homeless Networks COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will provide flexible resources to organizations in the TX BoS CoC working with communities that are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus. The fund is designed to complement local, state, and federal response efforts and expand the capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible. Preference will be given to agencies that do not currently receive federal funding such as Emergency Solutions Grant, Continuum of Care, and Supportive Services for Veteran Families

For the agencies who must remain open to serve their communities, we must support them during this time of increased costs to their operations. Costs such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, masks, hygiene supplies, and many other items are needed for client use and to keep facilities safe.

We ask that you donate today to help us alleviate financial stress to agencies across our Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care.

Together, we can make homelessness rare, brief, and a one-time event in our state.

If you are wanting to directly give items to an agency in your area, we encourage you to view our COVID-19 page which will be updated with agencies who have sent us their wish lists and online donation platforms. Monetary donations are preferred because they allow the agency to disburse funds in the most efficient ways. However, if you want to offer items such as food, masks, or cleaning supplies, please check with the organization first. Wish lists may change as needs are assessed, and storage may be limited. And if you're planning to claim a tax deduction for any in-kind goods, be sure to keep receipts showing what you paid for the items. 

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$1,965 raised of $1,500 goal
28 contributors $-465 to go
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